REAL TIME Podcast: The Working REALTOR® – Growing Your Business

Developing a plan to grow any business can be challenging. In our second segment of The Working REALTOR®—a new series on REAL TIME focused on industry tips for REALTORS®, from REALTORS®—we discuss strategies to build a successful real estate career at any phase.

To help us dive into this topic, we’re joined by REALTORS® Nene Akintan from Oakville, Ontario, Steve Saretsky from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Ruth Alexander from Calgary, Alberta. The trio discuss the lessons they learned early in their career, unique business strategies, social media, community engagement, and what the future has in store for not only themselves, but also the real estate industry.

Throughout the episode, each guest explains the significance of articulating your unique value proposition and maintaining timely, relevant communication with clients. Saretsky, who’s known for his real estate blog and podcast, delves into how he’s established himself as a trusted source of market insights to propel his brand; Alexander, an influential social media personality, offers a glimpse into her strategies for standing out amidst online noise and leveraging social platforms to foster positive client connections; and Akintan’s impactful community involvement and mentoring journey provide profound insights into the symbiotic relationship between lifting others and elevating oneself.

Whether you’re just starting your journey in real estate, or have extensive experience, this episode of REAL TIME is packed with advice and insights to enhance your business. Listen to The Working REALTOR® series and other episodes of REAL TIME, wherever you find your podcasts, or at

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