REAL TIME Podcast: How to Say Less and Get More in a Negotiation

Negotiation is a key part of working in real estate, whether it’s ensuring both the buyer and seller can come together to get what they need, or working productively with your team or brokerage.

Fotini Iconomopoulos, an internationally recognized high-stakes negotiator, joins us on this month’s episode of REAL TIME to discuss some of her more unconventional tactics for negotiation. Throughout her career, Iconomopoulos has helped Fortune 500 leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs use these core principles to achieve their goals and gain a competitive edge.

According to Iconomopoulos, how we communicate can impact our ability to negotiate. Specifically, the importance of things like the words we use, the tone with which we present them, and how we incorporate the strategy of saying less, to get more. She breaks down the best and worst times to use the tools available in our digital-first world (text, email, messenger, etc.), and how we can productively jumpstart a negotiation on these mediums in a way that’s clear and concise.

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate, or you have years of experience, Iconomopoulos provides valuable tips for preparing for a substantial negotiation. We even walk through an exercise to determine your default tendencies when it comes to business and self-awareness.

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