REAL TIME Podcast: The Future of keeps REALTORS® at the heart of the real estate transaction while providing the most comprehensive collection of active listings in Canada to help guide property buyers, sellers, and renters.

Each year, sends more than five million leads to REALTORS® and holds nearly 50% market share. That’s great now but how can continue to secure its position as the market leader for years to come?

On this episode of REAL TIME, we spoke to Jill Oudil, CREA’s Chair, Patrick Pichette, Vice President of, and Andrew Jackson, CREA’s Head of Business Development, about why now is the perfect time to shift Canada’s No. 1 real estate platform into a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of CREA.

All three guests stressed the importance of maintaining a REALTOR® focused approach to real estate transactions, and relevancy with consumers. They also outlined the major contributing factors behind’s current success, including the elements of the platform consumers value most: trustworthy, transparent, and unbiased.

We also learned why the time to innovate is now. The prop-tech marketplace is becoming increasingly saturated, and we heard how leadership plans to preserve their position, do what’s best for REALTORS®, and build consumer loyalty into the future.

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