“Together, We’ll Make Home Happen”- Your New National Ad Campaign

Next week, while watching TV or scrolling the internet, you might just notice something that hits home.

On Monday, April 3, 2023, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) will launch our new national ad campaign across the country.

According to CREA’s 2022 membership survey, 68% of members believe “championing REALTORS® and improving consumers’ understanding of the value of their services” is one of CREA’s critical roles. And, that’s the primary objective of our annual national ad campaign.

From the success of the previous campaign, ‘’Welcome Home’’, we learned storytelling and the importance of ‘’home’’ resonated with Canadians. In this year’s campaign, we continue to tap into the emotional and personal elements of the real estate journey.

Research has shown that, now more than ever, Canadians value the personal relationship with their own REALTOR®. This year’s theme, “Together, we’ll make home happen,” emphasizes the strong relationship between REALTORS® and their clients, while showcasing how REALTORS® use their knowledge and expertise to help meet their clients’ unique needs.

In the leading 30-second TV commercial “Larger than Life” we see a very tall family visiting houses that are all too small and becoming hopeless as they struggle through their search. When a REALTOR® notices them and offers to help, they are able to find their perfect home.

To bring this campaign to life, we partnered with marketing agency No Fixed Address. Together, we’ve developed a multimedia mix of television, digital, social, branded content, and out-of-home targeting. This approach will help amplify the value of working with a REALTOR® to first-time home buyers and sellers across Canada.

The spring flight of the campaign will run from April 3 to June 4, 2023.

Next week, we’ll be releasing the campaign and highlighting all the ways REALTORS® are being championed. We look forward to hearing what you think!

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